Things that I am finding out about my own business!

Things that I am finding out about my own business!

Having to decide how much to charge for an item using the fix cost and variable cost, that is one of the hard part; I always thought it was about what I had spent on one item like if something is $4.00 a yard plus my time per hr. I was so wrong, you also need to know your competitors pricing to make sure that you are lower but not so low that you will not make a profit. As I grow into this business I have found that there is still much to learn.

It is hard to find investors when you are a start-up company and they don’t understand what you are trying to do. There is still so much to learn but if you want it bad enough you will learn it soon enough.

Well, I am just about ready to show everyone my work and hope everyone will like everything I have too offer to everyone. I am learning that you will learn something new everyday; what they say is true you do learn something new everyday , I am truly loving it.


About Jennifer


I am a student at Kaplan University in Business Administration. I am planning to start a company soon, called D.A.T.O ( Disabled Americans Taking Over) is one name that I am considering. I live in Savannah Ga, It’s a very beautiful place to visit and my boutique. My plan is to start my own company in the next few years if not sooner. In fashion tailoring and seamstress work.

Every since I was a little girl who have always wanted to become a fashion designer, I figured better late than never! I have taken commercial sewing all four years in my high school career; which gave me the desire to start this venture for a long time, it was not home economics, It was commercial sewing which is different. I have started a business plan the hard part when be getting funds for the venture that lyes ahead of me and my team.
My company would be geared to people with disabilities it is very difficult to find shoes to fit their feet.

I was an Independent Sales Representative for Avon so I do have some sells in
my blood, this is something that my Mother and Sister have done before me. Having some background in sells really does help so much, you can understand what people are asking you about your business.

I would like to start an app that is for shopping like a catalog with Urban Styles but it would be so much more; I am very diverse and love different things but it’s all fashion inspired, which is me. If you like any of my product s let me know by E-mailing me @; and let me know what you think or would like to have, I will be uploading pictures soon.